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Hello there, our dear readers! My name’s Elina, I’ve been working as one of the ladies sexy massage for 3.5 years now and I completely enjoy my work.

I want to tell you a brief sex story, which happened to me once. Actually, I had more stories but since one story is given at a time (as I was told by the composers of the stories for this website), I’ll tell some of those stories next time. And this is my first time I reveal anything for the readers, so don’t be too judging 😉

Some of the fetish lady agency girls are ordered not for sex itself. Actually, you would wonder, how high percentage is ordered so. It feels like 8 out of 10 orders only contain sex – other bbw xxx stars are called so as to make men enjoy female bodies otherwise. And this is when the story begins: I was ordered to explore what my physical capabilities are: how many artificial dicks I will be able to hold in all my openings simultaneously.

Milf girls are super open to the fun sex options. Me, too – I want to explore the capacities of my body, well, because it’s fun. And if I’m able to do something in-line with the sex fun, which I’m glad to work for, then I immediately go for it. Even if it’s not conventional. Or, rather, specifically, because it is unconventional.

The premises were a rented apartment in the midst of the old city, where a lot of high-ceiling buildings are located. Many of them are rented for 1 night and longer. That was exactly the rented scenery – as I’ve been to it two times before. Although it was 2 years from the last time I’ve been here, nothing in its exterior has changed – even the same old threadbare red chair stood in the corner of the room (I was fucked on that chair once – but I didn’t tell that to my new guys).

What was added are the things brought by them to the venue – a pile of rubber dicks lying on the wooden table. Although I saw them differing in colors, all of them were the same in the size. Was it for the purity of an experiment?

The guys wanted me to undress completely (obviously), as it was an exciting part of the experiment – watching my great body naked was a desirable undertaking for nearly any man I knew & met. I don’t remember I was limited in time or anything else – just one task was given me: put as many dicks inside of all my openings as possible. I decided to start with the pussy.

At my request, they brought grease so as to make sliding easier. I was greasing all the dicks that were destined for the pussy and ass, before shoving them inside. The first two rubber dicks got into the pussy effortlessly. Nearly the same as the third one. It took a few more moments to accommodate the fourth – as it stretched pussy way bigger than I got used to. The fifth could only be shoved inside of the mass of the four, in the center, so I was doing that little by little, lying on the bed, letting all my viewers see my pussy with the dicks tucked inside there. Finally, the fifth one was in. I was attempting to get the sixths there but it just didn’t fit in – not without pain signalizing I should stop acting with a pussy.

So I switched to my ass – it was way tighter with 5 dicks in a pussy, so it was a nice thing that even one slipped inside. For about 5 more minutes, I was trying to get the second in there but nothing really happened even though I stretched the anus hole and applied a lot of grease on it. Well, it seemed like I could make it only if taking out the pussy things. I did so and that created much more room in the ass – two more dicks were inside there within 5 more minutes only. But since the pussy only had two dicks now, I tried to shove the rest of them back there, just as they were. To my surprise, in about 10-15 minutes of smooth work, preventing the pressure from the anus hole, I managed to return all 5 back into there. Now I had 8 dicks collectively in the anus and vagina.

Now, it was time for my mouth – 5 of them got there effortlessly. The sixths nearly traumatized my lip ring but eventually fitted in, slowly and gently.

I couldn’t hold more and the guys easily counted: 5+3+6=14 dicks. Was it a record for them? Don’t know. But it definitely was for me.


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It was a branch of VIP escorts in Ankara service, a massage salon. But that was beyond just massage – you have to understand that escort comes with special benefits for clients. Everyone who comes to our salon is sweetly served until the happy ending (a man’s sperm is shot either in the air or on the body of some girl – her ass, belly, breast, or face – pick any).

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Did you know how actually dirty the anal sex is? If a lady didn’t do very thorough preparations to clean up her intestines, all the shit (literally) comes out when she’s anally fucked. As I work as a sex girl Ankara but I do not belong to the cohort of those who do not give a fuck about the purity, I give a damn about what I will feel during sex and what my client will. I hope that it is one of the best points of my popularity – I never sit without employment.