Escort Ankara WhatsApp is destined for happiness as she enjoys greasing all her body
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Verified escort Ankara pussycat is exposing her magnificent ass wearing a greatly tiny swimsuit

Hello, my name is Amelia, I am a verified escort Ankara girl, and this is my small story of how my entire body has become a canvas for one of my clients. But that wasn’t paint or something like that, which he used – he applied coconut oil.

Do you know what this substance is? When it is about +20 °C on the street and lower, it is a solid mass, it is actually a non-transparent butter of fatty look and dark-white color. When it becomes hotter than that and when a person takes a bit of it into one’s hand, it melts and becomes fully transparent oil. In hot temperature, in its container, it melts slowly and it takes over +30° to melt swiftly. But when it is taken into a hand, it melts almost instantaneously, turning into a puddle of highly greasy and flowing substance, pleasant to the skin, amazingly smooth, and, what is also important – it is not sucked into the pores of the skin fast, allowing to have about 20-25 minutes of fantastic greasing. And yes, it smells with a concentrated coconut (if the butter is unfiltered).

When I came home to Jack (his name is changed) to his house (a large one, I must admit, having more than 5 bedrooms and huge kitchen combined with a lobby), I was met by him holding a large jar of coconut oil in his hands (no less than half of a liter). Since it was hot on the street (and only slightly colder in the premise), the butter was already almost completely melted into oil.

We came upstairs, to the third floor of his house, to one of the fancy bedrooms. After I refreshed myself swiftly in a lovely bathroom connected to the bedroom, I met him wearing a thin robe made of silk. I wore tiny red panties, an elastic rubber band of white color to my left leg, and elastic transparent bra – but he asked me to take everything off, as he was going to apply coconut oil to my body now.

I turned on playful mood and took it all off gently and arousing, under his sharply interested gaze at my perfect body.

He put his arm to a jar and scooped the first portion of fragrant oil. He applied it first at my breast of the second size (when a man starts rubbing oil or something greasy to a female body, you know, he always starts with one of three things – breast, ass, or a pussy. When he is interested in playing, he applies it to breast first – I’ve learned this through so many times as men greased my body of an escort Ankara WhatsApp girl before).

He started to rub oil on me, and its greasiness was nearly absolutely – his hands were flowing on my standing breast like a hoverboard was flying over the surface of the ground in ‘Back to the future-2’ of Marty McFly – I felt it touching me so airy, so slightly… It was one of the best feelings I’ve had for the past week, and I really liked it.

Then he continued to add more oil to all my body, starting with the neck (I had to bun my hair just to avoid it getting greasy). His hands were scooping more and more oil from the glass jar and I saw it depletes, centimeter by centimeter, while my body was turning pleasantly oily, with his palms flowing all over me. Seems like he left the best part for the end – he oiled all of me but buttocks, pubis, and what’s directly between the legs. For greasing everything I mentioned, he asked me to stand my legs wider apart, scooped a large portion and held it in his hands joining them as a boat. He carried oil to my buttock and poured it on, rubbing it between my legs with active movements, completely putting both hands on my labia, rubbing them and everything around, including my ass hole and clitoris, which, due to my anatomy, was slightly protruding (and that allowed me to have much more orgasms with my verified escort Ankara clients than I thought I would have – at least, significantly more than my peers told me from the escort Ankara WhatsApp service, where I worked, and more than I’ve expected to have before I joined it).

Now he was rubbing my entire body with his highly greasy hands (my body was greasy no less), paying special attention to all intimate areas, easily penetrating into my holes with his fingers – that looked more like slipping in than penetrating, as it did not require any physical efforts from him on the matter.

Finally, he lay down and asked me to sit straight on his erect cock – which I did with the unknown before simplicity, as coconut oil gave me, as it seemed, more than 100% slippery surface. Jumping so super greasy on him was like pumping air – but I actually liked it very much and the entire ambiance of our improvised playground made Jack cum, shooting his sperm almost to the ceiling.


Sikis hikaye young woman loves smooth cucumbers in her pussy and tells about them

A nice and smooth cucumber is not only a vegetable. It is also a wonderful, safe, and cheap sex toy – if you pick the right one. My name is Keilani, I work in the Ankara VIP escort bayan service of Turkey from time to time, and this is a telling about how particularly good cucumbers can be for erotic games.

I liked cucumbers from a very young age. First, as veggies, next, as sex toys. They gave me my portion of happiness long before I started seeing boys. And they helped me in reaching orgasms when in the grown-up age, some of my sex partners didn’t give me the arousal level that I wanted. Some of my ayazaga escort clients also ask me to play with their anus holes with something elongated and hard at times, as this delivers them more sensations than regular sex would provide. That is the main reason I always keep several cucumbers in my fridge.

Ankara cheap escort pussycat is telling her underground experience of sex

When I was younger, several years before I joined Ankara cheap escort agency, I was in college and I had a boyfriend named Rico. He was a sweet guy, 2 years older than me. As we both lived in Turkey (I came to study here from my native country and he was a local fellow), it is no wonder that soon, with our hot bodies and temper, in about a year of dating, we were out of places to have sex that we haven’t tried before.