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Ankara best escort lover shows her uncovered ass from a very alluring angle

This meeting with an Ankara best escort lover was one of the most saturated in my life: she completely did not deny anything I offered her. Her ass and cunt holes were super elastic – more than I’ve ever seen in any other chicks for fucking whom I used to peck. I don’t remember now the name of this escort lady Ankara but that, obviously, does not matter. But I do remember how we had fun with her and I’m going to tell you all.

She arrived at my motel room around 3 o’clock of the day. It was my day off and I wanted to enjoy it fully while my wife and kids were in another town. I didn’t use this motel before, as it was on another side of the town – but now, its location played in my favor, as nobody would see me (I also used a disguise to change my appearance, just in case). She arrived and I immediately noticed her wonderful butt – like two little watermelons, tight and round. The slutty skirt was not even closing them fully, so lower parts of resilient butts were shaking each time she made a step. I followed her with my gaze to the bathroom, where she refreshed herself quickly.

When she got out, I immediately started to undress her. I don’t know why but I get high each time I undress sluts. Although, this one had too many items of clothes, as for me: a jean jacket, top, blue bra, necklace (which I left on), tights on her legs, jean skirt, black panties, and high heels. Usually, I did not see as sluts wore underwear – bra and panties. Also, tights would be unnecessary. But hey, that’s up to her – and I can spend some extra seconds to pull all of these off.

When she was finally naked, I gave her the intimate gel lube and told her to grease all of her holes really well – and showed her dildos that I had with me. Actually, I showed her three of them but I had three more – if her holes would be good girls and stretch, as I would want them to.

She lay on the bed and gave herself a really good lubing, the gel was covering her anal and pussy hole with a thick layer, of approximately ¼ inch in thickness. Now I shoved the first dildo, violet with pimples, into her cunt. It went in all smoothly – to the entire length, which was 10 inches long. Next, I moved it here and there to the sides, and in & out to make it stretch even farther. Then I introduced there another dildo, a smooth-and-shiny bullet-shaped one, as most chicks love to use when they masturbate alone. It went all in without even the slightest hesitation. So now, she was having two dildos inside of her hole, and that made me a bit more excited.

I told her to roll over so I can insert something more into her anus, which she followed. I took the shiny and smooth bullet-like dildo out, inserting on its place another, curvy and pimpled gray-and red dildo, to leave a shiny one for her ass. I started to shove it in, and she took it all in, sighing in the process as if from arousal (I’m pretty sure she did not have one – at least, not to an extent she expressed). The dildo was completely shoved into her anus hole, and it embraced it pretty tightly, although I did not think that nothing other would fit there.

So I started to continue what I was hoping for – took the fourth dildo, of the same bullet form, and started shoving it in her butt hole. She looked at me and said to be careful – sure, my Ankara best escort honey bunny, I will (I thought to myself but told her nothing). The grease was not enough, as for me, so I’ve added more, by simply pouring it on her butt. It melted even more from her body temperature and a small stream of fluid was now flowing down between her lovely butt cheeks. I took as many flows of it as I could on the dildo in my hand and started shoving it inside of her butt, carefully stretching her opening. When the process of introduction was over, four dildos were looking at me from both her lower openings. And I thought – could I have one more inside of her cunt? Well, I asked an escort lady Ankara about that and she told me to try – carefully. I took the fifth and, pouring on it more lubricant, added it to her vagina from the right. Now, it was a small circle of dildos inside of her pussy and five of them in just two holes!

Then I approached her mouth and fucked it.


Absolute escorts girl takes part in the sexual activity involving her natural openings

Hello there, our dear readers! My name’s Elina, I’ve been working as one of the ladies sexy massage for 3.5 years now and I completely enjoy my work.

I want to tell you a brief sex story, which happened to me once. Actually, I had more stories but since one story is given at a time (as I was told by the composers of the stories for this website), I’ll tell some of those stories next time. And this is my first time I reveal anything for the readers, so don’t be too judging 😉

Ankara sex girl is an inventor of toys for her pussy

I know that not too many people know and can do wooden and carpentry works. And I don’t know any cheap Ankara escorts who would have any similar skills. But I have them: my father is a woodworker and he taught me to work on machine tools. In addition to being one of Ankara escort girls (which I mainly do in evenings and nights), I work in local Ankara’s wooden workroom, where I make various wooden stuff out of blanks. So why am I telling you this in addition to letting you know about my interesting day job? Well, this is where my story starts: I make wooden dildos.