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The guys were bored at a party. It was one of many parties that they have visited in their life and, over the years, the percentage of parties they liked in the mass of all parties they visited was declining. It inevitably happens when you’re a dude with a ton of free time, nearly unlimited money because your parents are super rich, and shower you with an endless bank account. Naturally, the guys wanted to have more fun in their idle lives.

“What about inviting a hooker so she amuses us with striptease?” Asked one of them.

“Ah, blunt,” responded another.

“So, what about making her do something more interesting, then?” The first guy continued to give options.

“Like what?” asked the third guy in their company.

“I don’t know. Any ideas?” Responded the first.

The guys kept sitting for a while, continuing to smoke their hookah installed in the center of their small circle. The room was clouded with the fumes of burning tobacco although a large panoramic glass door was open to let fresh air in. With the rest of the glass parts of the wall, it opened a wonderful view of the evening city, seen from the 15th floor of their fabulous hotel room, where they were living this month. They would change it for another hotel next month – it was their standard practice, which everyone in their company liked.

Their servant, who now was checking on the burning coals of the hookah, offered, “I saw it some time ago – a girl entertained the public by swallowing an inflated modeling air balloon. Maybe you could use it.”

“Wow, dudes, that’s a great idea,” exclaimed one of the guys, “What do you think of it?”

As it was seen in their eyes, inflamed with an interesting idea, which they haven’t explored yet, they all were interested.

“Mustafa, do you know any good ozel escort Ankara girls to do that?” Asked a servant one of the guys.

“I surely do. I have a contact of Turkish big boobs agency. I’ll call them now.”

In less than an hour, two girls from the escort bayan in Ankara were already stepping into the room – after they were thoroughly checked and scanned with a hand metal scanner by the security guys standing in the corridor by the door.

“So, darling ladies,” told the first guy, “Would you like to make us pleased with some exciting show?”

“We have here party balloons – long ones, used for modeling. And we’d love you to swallow them. The one of you two, who swallows the longest, will be generously rewarded!”

The girls looked at the inflated air balloons, which were just recently gotten by a servant from a hotel manager, who’d love to please his guests. About a dozen cheerfully colored balloons were lying on the small glass coffee tabletop, having the width of 5-6 cm and 40-50 cm in length.

“Oh, girls! Don’t look at them, start using them,” said the second guy and put a hand fan made of hundred dollar bills on that same table. “Whenever you’re ready.”

The nisantasi eskort girls looked at one another and rushed to sit on a comfy couch to start doing what they’re requested. Logically, they put their mouths up and started introducing the air balloons into their pharynxes. They naturally didn’t get inside too well during the first attempts – girls were choking and taking them out but nobody wanted to refuse the money. So their struggle continued – to the amusement of the gathered guys. Other party participants were joining the scene, watching and laughing. The degree of festivity on the party sharply grew, turning it from languid into excellent.

The crowd encouraged girls with supportive exclaims, and they were happy about having such support. Eventually, they understood the best principles of swallowing the balloons (two of which were holding their breath and relaxing their throats in the process). Eventually, they both passed the first half of the balloons and proceeded farther. It turned out that with some practice, it wasn’t that hard to do. And just in a minute, it turned out that it’s definitely not impossible to swallow the entire length.

That was a surprise for the guys – they didn’t presume that 50 cm would slip inside of girls’ guts entirely. Was the end touching the stomach or even inside of it? They had a short briefing, after which they told the girls, “Since you both had it swallowed, you shall split the money 50/50”.

The girls nodded, agreeing. And then the guys said, “So, now let’s continue in the bedroom, shall we?”


Girl escort Ankara serves as a plate with her naked body for participants of a closed event

The event was planned at 17-hundred hours but they told me to be there at 14 sharp. After several minutes as I got there, I realized, why. First, I had to take very rigid showers (after I went to the toilet to free myself to possible max). It’s not that I dislike taking shower with somebody (as this is a part of my profession of girl escort Ankara) but there, it was different. Some woman was with me, rubbing all my body with harsh sponge even without the slightest regret that I am so fiercely rubbed.

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I know that not too many people know and can do wooden and carpentry works. And I don’t know any cheap Ankara escorts who would have any similar skills. But I have them: my father is a woodworker and he taught me to work on machine tools. In addition to being one of Ankara escort girls (which I mainly do in evenings and nights), I work in local Ankara’s wooden workroom, where I make various wooden stuff out of blanks. So why am I telling you this in addition to letting you know about my interesting day job? Well, this is where my story starts: I make wooden dildos.