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Once, several years before I started being a part of the Ankara unlu escort agency, where I spend some portion of my time these days, I wanted to test my body. Particularly, that’s what happened.

I was doing some home chores like washing dishes & cleaning and was watching a movie during that, just in the background. I don’t remember the film in its entirety but I was highly interested in one particular scene – in it, a main female character of the film inserted vaginal balls into her pussy. She had them inside for a while and stayed horny during the period of having them in.

I immediately become interested in that idea. Since I was living in my apartment alone and didn’t have any particular plans for this weekend day, I rushed to my bedroom, where, inside the bedside table, I found the same thing – vaginal balls. Actually, I had two models of them lying there and I was using them periodically during sex games with various partners that I had. I went to the bathroom to take shower before I put them inside.

There, I particularly washed my pussy and everything around. Thinking again, I also shaved my pussy and the crotch area since I believed this could enhance my sexual buzz. When I came out of the bathroom partially wet (to let my skin dry naturally, as I preferred to do), I laid myself on the bed and took the balls, which I put on the bed prior to that.

I started shoving the balls inside gently, feeling as they touch my labia first and then the mucous cavity of my insides. They were dry but didn’t resist too much to get inside, as I was a bit horny already & gotten additionally wet in the shower. At that moment, I started imagining as if I was a member of kadikoy VIP escort sex model agency. And, shoving the balls inside, I was as if preparing for a meeting with a client of the sisli VIP escort service to surprise him during our sex encounter with the fact of having these items inside of me.

The four balls connected with elastic string hid inside of me (only a small tail was left outside to help me get them out when I want). I rested for a while, wiggling my thighs to feel them inside (but they weren’t moving). After, I got up, put on a comfy robe that I wore when I was at home, and returned to the kitchen to continue doing the house chores.

I felt them in every second of my time. Although they were not heavy or particularly large, they, still, created some tangible pressure. Also, when I was walking, they rubbed my cavities from inside and that was delightful. The more I was thinking of them inside and the more I was walking, the more I got aroused from the situation.

When the home chores were finished, I’ve decided to walk around the neighborhood – definitely, with them in. So I went to the bedroom and started to get dressed. Another idea crawled into my head – what if I introduce into my vagina more balls? I had another string of them lying inside the bedside table, and there were not 4 but 6 of them (although, each somewhat smaller in size). I get on the bed again and started shoving the second string of the vaginal balls into my pussy, specifically touching my clitoris with fingers, stimulating it. The wetness I had inside of me, increased and so the balls slipped in faster and easier than the previous ones.

I’ve seen the Black Tape Project and wanted to apply it now. Instead of wearing panties to hold the balls inside, I took out the black tape from the box of tools in the closet and got taped myself between the legs – all the way from the coccyx through the crotch, through the holes of the anus and pussy, ending on the upper part of my pubis. I did so two more times to make the strip of the tape hold better. And it felt really sexy for me. The wiggling of the balls inside my sex cavity was now far more tangible when I was walking and standing, and the black tape enhanced the sensations that I had. Is this what a girl from an escort bayan Ankara service feels when she has a particularly big dick of another her client inside during sex? Probably.

I went outside the street and simply walked slowly, not particularly rushing anywhere. I made some small purchases in a grocery store. Visited a local veggie market. Bought some popcorn on the street. And returned home – now, much hornier than I felt when I left the house.

That’s not where the story ends, though – if you would like to hear more about it, then I’ll tell you in the continuation some other time. For now, I wish all our readers to stay horny in their lives.


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This meeting with an Ankara best escort lover was one of the most saturated in my life: she completely did not deny anything I offered her. Her ass and cunt holes were super elastic – more than I’ve ever seen in any other chicks for fucking whom I used to peck. I don’t remember now the name of this escort lady Ankara but that, obviously, does not matter. But I do remember how we had fun with her and I’m going to tell you all.