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Did you know how actually dirty the anal sex is? If a lady didn’t do very thorough preparations to clean up her intestines, all the shit (literally) comes out when she’s anally fucked. As I work as a sex girl Ankara but I do not belong to the cohort of those who do not give a fuck about the purity, I give a damn about what I will feel during sex and what my client will. I hope that it is one of the best points of my popularity – I never sit without employment.

That is the reason I always make sure to ask a client if he is planning anal sex with me or not. I can’t do it just like in a clap of fingers – it must be thoroughly done, during 2-3 hours – to completely clean up the intestines from everything it may contain. But after I am nice and clean, I can have anal sex for hours without any dirt. Even without a condom, actually.

I usually begin preparing 1 day before (for regular clients who pre-order me) – a special diet should not make my stomach and gust too busy or feel bad. For those occasional anal sex clients, this is not always the case. I remember about simple things like drinking more water and adding it directly into my guts through an enema. It should be a big one – at least containing 2 liters. But I personally prefer models that work similarly to dropper – I pour in water in the container attached to the top of a holder and a hose from it goes straight into my butt hole. It must be preliminarily greased (a tip of it or an anus hole must be greased). I don’t have to overdo with greasing, as I don’t want the hose slipped out of me. I used to think that the more grease is actually better but the hose’s nose was slipping off all the time – like a badly made condom on a slackly hanging dick. And when I plug in the hose inside of me, water is easily poured in under gravity.

I have a nice big bathroom so I don’t have to go anywhere: I just lay on the chairs, my backside turned to the bath, to make my thigh lay over the bath top, put a hose right into my butt, and fill my guts with liters of water. When I feel I am full of water, I simply poop it all out into the bath and wash it away immediately. Then, as the water container in my ass dropper is connected specifically with a water tap of the bathroom, I simply open it to fill it in again and continue with hosing myself from inside. Before, I used a simple enema and was laying in my bedroom but it wasn’t convenient, took a hell of a lot of time and effort to make the procedure, running from bedroom to bathroom. Now I do everything in one place, for 40-60 minutes from start to finish. I rinse inside of my guts for 5-7 times in a row – until I see that there is no dirt is pouring out with water from my butt hole anymore.

After that, I wait for 30 minutes, wander around the premise, to make all possible shit to gather inside of my intestine, and to move down through the bowel movement and under gravity. After that, I redo the procedure once. If I see that there is no more dirt inside of me there, I know I’m ready for anal sex (or else, I rinse again and again until I’m clean completely). As I live alone, I do not worry about any possible inconveniences of my rinsing. Also, I have two bathrooms, so one is always free for such rinsing, while the second is free for regular showers and taking a bath.

The next stages are obvious: I am taking a thorough shower and do the beauty: shaving, makeup, and dressing up. When after the procedure, I feel so lightness inside and airiness outside – I usually drop 4-5 kilograms of pure weight after the rinsing. And that is one of the reasons I like it so much (and now you know that even in a girl of 54 kg of regular weight, it is no less than 4 kilos of shit inside – always).

People are literally filled with shit, I know this for sure. And I will make it avoided when having butt sex with me – it’ll always be clean and sweet. Do you want some? I promise you that sex with me, escorts near me service girl, using my anal hole, will be one of the best – and cleanest – sexual experiences of your life. Surely, you can always have all other types of sex with me – standard vaginal, oral, or I can enjoy you with a dildo put straight into your anus hole (as men often ask me to do that).


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