Esenler escort kizlar takes part in a contest, who holds more water in intestines
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Bahcesehir VIP escort lover with blond hair has gotten completely nude & is now amongst the cars

Men of Ankara know how to have fun. A girl named Abigail from the bahcesehir bayan escort agency has been called for a few interesting orders to learn it is true. This story is about one of her kadikoy yasli escort adventures, which include the sexual use of her erotic body.

Before this story starts, just for you to imagine her well in your head while reading, we’d like to describe her appearance. She has red plump lips, 4th size of boobs, well-shaped ass, which has an elongated form (not completely round buttocks), normal waistline, and smooth skin, which is especially smooth on her legs, which she timely shaves (as well as her pussy, to keep it completely hairless and not prickly). The thin neck is topped with a charming head that’s surrounded with wavy mid-length brunette hair. In the middle of her face, there is a thin nose with elegant nostrils (which can inflate when she’s angry but that doesn’t happen often). Eyebrows are thin (contrary to the modern fashion of fat eyebrows on female faces) and eyes have green-and-blue color, very deep and turning attention. Although this 18 lik escort Ankara pussycat has just recently turned 19, she has been on over a hundred dates with local and foreign men and can tell a couple of interesting stories. Hereinafter, from her words.

The escort ajans service is called pretty much often for regular sex. That’s not so much to tell you about, as they’re all similar (only premises change). But sometimes, far more interesting things happen. Last December, I and three other girls of our model escort agency were invited to a fancy hotel room of a hotel that we frequently visit (because we have agreements with local management about our visits).

There, in room 6969 (was its number specifically picked for an erotic date?), the girls and I were told: we’re going to participate in a contest. Namely, ladies have to hold water in their intestines before going to the toilet. The one who intakes more, wins. Not just some ‘medal’ or recognition – but tangible money. We were all thrilled about the sum of the prize pool, which was composed of the contributions of all present men – there were more than a dozen of them in the room. So, hell yeah, we agreed.

The feature of this room was a large bathing place – it was an elongated shower room without distribution to the partitions. Four showers could give water at the same time & so all 4 of us could be in the room at the same time. That’s why this hotel room was picked, I suppose. When we entered the bathroom, there were four holding capacities filled with water and attached to a hose with a plastic nozzle on its end each – the nozzle was supposed to enter our anus holes and fill us with water during the contest.

“So, ladies,” the organizer of the contest said, “the capacities have 5 liters of water each. It’s nearly impossible to hold that much water in your guts so it should be enough. The capacities are marked, so we can see how much water got in. The one wins who accommodates more water inside of her intestines from those tanks. If there is a draw, then the one who holds the water longer wins.”

Simple rules. Harder with their realization – I started to feel completely stuffed while there was only 1 liter of water inside of me. All the girls were lying on the wet floor with hoses protruding from their anuses, which started to fill with water at the same time – 4 men opened the water valves on hoses. I was lying there trying to relax but, at the same time, relax not too much in the anus ring – as water would flow out of too relaxed me. I saw the elegance of the contest’s realization – when someone doesn’t hold water, it leaks on the tiled wall into the drainage openings, and cleaning is finished easily with flowing water of 4 showers installed in the row.

I started to feel really overwhelmed with the water when there were close to 2 liters of it inside of me. I couldn’t even think of accommodating 5. Was it really possible? I tried to look how much water was inside of other girls but when I put myself up on the elbows, the water suddenly started pouring out of me – I shouldn’t have done raising. So I stood, let the rest of the dirty water out of me (right in front of an interested audience), and started taking the shower, watching as other girls were doing. One of them was able to let 3 liters in. Amazing, how did she do it?

Eventually, all the girls stepped out, one by one. The one won who could hold 3.5 liters. She did so for over 30 minutes. A true sex contest professional, I must admit.


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A party of one was about to start. The guy named Wissem called a cankaya VIP escort girl to his hotel room, where he was living for several days during a business trip. He picked a woman from the online catalog of kurtkoy VIP escort agency, which accommodated hundreds of ladies to all tastes who wish to perform all desires of clients.

He wanted to add extra to his sex party. Or, rather, sex enjoyment. He did not drink, as his religion prevented him, but as for the rest – he didn’t mind having fun. That would include love. And everything around.

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Men are genuinely interested in female charms. Poets, philosophers, singers, sculptors, painters, movie directors, and other artists admire the female body to a large extent, which never fades. It goes on through centuries and millennia. No wonder that amongst the clients of kibris striptiz in Ankara service, there are people, who order VIP escort bayan Ankara gals to enjoy their bodies besides plain sex. Or additionally to it.

Yasser was one of the connoisseurs of the female body and often ordered women from the genc escort Ankara model agency to explore them. He loved their differences – from outside and from inside. And he ordered now Aiyana from the kadikoy goztepe escort agency of Turkey to explore her vagina from the inside as deep as possible.