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Best escorts Ankara paramour is looking at you with the desire to make love, showing her body

When I was younger, several years before I joined Ankara cheap escort agency, I was in college and I had a boyfriend named Rico. He was a sweet guy, 2 years older than me. As we both lived in Turkey (I came to study here from my native country and he was a local fellow), it is no wonder that soon, with our hot bodies and temper, in about a year of dating, we were out of places to have sex that we haven’t tried before. We could not do it on my campus where I lived, as nobody but students could enter there due to a strict access system. Also, we did not have too many chances to do it in his apartment, as he lived with his parents, so guessing time when the apartment was available and we both could be there was a tricky task. Anyway, we wanted to feel something different. And the time has come! Once, I was surfing the Internet and looked at the map of Ankara city, seeing some unfinished buildings there. A fast idea appeared in my hand – what a wonderful thing it would be to come to the construction site when no one’s there, and to have sex with Rico!

I did not doubt that he would agree, so in the nearest Sunday, we were there – on the site of one of the unfinished hotels, with elevated desire to make it. All workers were having a day off, and we eventually found a breach in the fence (to avoid a guard at the entrance) to slip through. We were careful so to avoid prying eyes if any other guard was roaming the territory. We slipped into the unfinished main building and saw several concrete ladders not having handrails. We choose the one leading down, to the level under the ground.

There were plenty of rooms there, with arches above our heads, without sunlight entering there, so we turned on our flashlights on mobiles. Several rooms were completely empty, without construction garbage and so on. They were good enough for us. We hid there, laying the mobiles on the ground, flashlights on the sides, to illuminate the room of about 20 square meters, and started caressing each other.

Our blood was boiling not only with the desire of having sex but also because of the place we were in, the disallowance of being in this place for the general public, and the possibility of being caught by some guard if he stumbles upon us. Although we were trying to do everything as low-noise as possible, still, we were stopping after each rustle or sough coming to our ears, just to understand everything’s clear, and to continue.

As we did not know specifically what is going to wait for us here, we were not abused with too many clothes worn on. I was in a brown top without a bra and a skirt of knee-length, with a cut on the side, without panties. It allowed me to walk fast and even run if needed. Rico was wearing sportswear and loose panties, which could be pulled down and up in a second.

So to do sex, he simply pulled his pants down, and pulled my skirt up, exposing the slightly tanned buttocks and a part of the back, looking at his erect dick with a freshly shaved surface of my pussy. I was all hot inside yet having shivers because of the piercingly hot desire of sex I experienced and a little chilly temperature of the concrete all around us. But that only made my pussy silkier and did not prevent it from having moist inside. So Rico’s cock was a highly desirable guest inside of me, slipping inside with a little effort.

When his cock started moving inside of me, he was wearing a condom, and I did not feel him well, so I asked him to take it off. When he asked how was he suppose to cum, I told him I’d take it into my mouth, which he pleasantly agreed. He was going in and out of my vagina that was having more grease every minute. And when he told me that he was about to cum, I swiftly turned around, sat down squatting with my bare ass and pussy open and took his dick into my mouth so actively that it slipped right into my throat at first. Then, after pumping it up with the vacuum of my oral cavity, I made him cum pretty soon. He leaned to the wall, breathing heavily.

We returned from the site the same way we entered here, slipping through the fence far from the unaware guardian.

Now, as I work as best escorts Ankara girl and have had over two hundred different sex partners, I still recall this sweet story and that special feeling of arousal that I had when we were having sex on the construction site. It is always with me as one of the most exciting sexual sensations of my life.


Rus escort katalog Ankara pussycat is making love on the slopes of Mount Everest

My great physical shape was always a point of self-admiration. I am keeping it up by visiting a gym 3 times a week – in addition to having sex with my clients, as I am in Rus escort katalog Ankara. This, probably, was the reason why my client Abdurahmed had chosen me for this task: visiting Mt. Everest to have sex on its slopes! It definitely was one of the most sensational orders from clients that I’ve ever had. Not to mention that he booked me for 25 days – the most expensive and longest order of a girl from female escort in Ankara in my personal practice.

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Hello there, our dear readers! My name’s Elina, I’ve been working as one of the ladies sexy massage for 3.5 years now and I completely enjoy my work.

I want to tell you a brief sex story, which happened to me once. Actually, I had more stories but since one story is given at a time (as I was told by the composers of the stories for this website), I’ll tell some of those stories next time. And this is my first time I reveal anything for the readers, so don’t be too judging 😉