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The event was planned at 17-hundred hours but they told me to be there at 14 sharp. After several minutes as I got there, I realized, why. First, I had to take very rigid showers (after I went to the toilet to free myself to possible max). It’s not that I dislike taking shower with somebody (as this is a part of my profession of girl escort Ankara) but there, it was different. Some woman was with me, rubbing all my body with harsh sponge even without the slightest regret that I am so fiercely rubbed. My skin demanded a much better attitude but she told me to all my objections that this is the requirement of the procedure of being a ‘food plate woman’. She is coming from Japan – the country of origin of food plates-girls – so she must definitely know the procedure. She asked me not to hesitate and stand still, so she can finish the cleaning. After the warm shower, it was a cold and a hot one. Eventually, all my body was smelling with purity and cleanliness more than ever (I don’t actually recall my body being so clean). After about an hour of tiresome and mega-thorough cleaning, I was freed from this woman’s claws.

When I went out of the shower room, somebody pointed me to the table, where I should lay on during the next 5 or 8 hours straight. Needless to say, I shouldn’t be playing games on my smartphone all this time, or watch movies or anything – I just had to lie down and pretend I am a plastic doll with very believable natural forms. I’ve heard some stories before about misbehavior of clients with food girls like me now (like some drunk dude has decided to shove sushi sticks into her vagina) but all of them were actually pretty innocent. So when they picked me to be that kind of girl, I agreed without hesitation. Surely – this would give day-long income without even the need to have sex with anyone! The only thing I’d do is to lie down naked wearing some food.

Cooks were so painfully slowly when they put pieces of food at my body. And I have realized why I was picked: I have pretty wide thighs, which create extra room for putting food onto my body. Yes, I’ve been always boasting with that my feature of the body – even many years ago, when I was just a kid, I already had pretty amazing thighs. At least half of my class of boys wanted to fuck me and another half wanted this for sure but did not tell aloud. I think, you’d also be delighted to have such a wonderful girl like me with buttock’s volume of 140 cm in circumference.

They were doing those sushi, sashimi, and akin, and laying those to my body for so long that I even had time to fall asleep (which is also not welcomed when you’re a food Ankara girl escort). When the first guests arrived, I’m sure I was able to warm up all those pieces of Japanese cuisine with the natural heat of my body (which is not very good for them, actually). I saw these wonderfully dressed women with astounding facial makeup. And those men, some of which in official suits, while others in just T-shirts and free-cut linen trousers of summertime. I haven’t got the idea of the event but that didn’t actually matter for me that much: my task was to lie down on the table naked and motionless, waiting for people to take treats off my body.

They sad speeches, they had nice music but no one actually danced. They congratulated one another with something. Most of this time, I really wanted to pee (but couldn’t) and when the event was over, I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could, despite being naked…

At the exit, after I took another shower and got dressed and paid, I lit a cigarette and inhaled exhilarating smoke for the first time in, maybe, 10 hours.

‘Are you here waiting for somebody?’, I heard the voice from the darkness of the outside.

‘No, I was a naked sushi girl,’ I replied to this man.

‘Oh, I remember your astounding body!’, I heard the thrilled exhale – and he finally stepped from darkness to the spot with the reign of light. I looked at his face and liked it, it was pleasant.

‘Are you busy now? I’d love to have dinner with you,’ he said after investigating my body and face for a couple of seconds.

‘Sure, I’m free,’ I replied. And, after dropping our cigarettes, we went into the darkness of this evening, towards his car…


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