Katalog escort girl tells as she becomes horny when looking at muscled guys in a gym
» » Katalog escort girl tells as she becomes horny when looking at muscled guys in a gym
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I work as Ankara escort lady and this is my story of arousal. I know – somebody tells stories of their lives or of their dramas but I do not have a fancy story of any of these, as well as my life is pretty deprived of drama. But I do become super horny when I look at muscled perfect bodies of young men (of around 20-30 years old). And although I sleep with everyone who desires my young fabulous body due to my profession, I don’t tell I become horny with every my client. So to compensate it, I go to gyms and work out there looking as men do the same.

Yesterday, I spent 20 minutes straight watching a guy who was working on his chest and arm muscles. Although he wasn’t cute in the wide sense of this word but he did it so methodically and smoothly, applying so many efforts, that I was flowing in my pants for the entire time I was watching at him. I did not want him to see me watching (as I never actually want anyone of them to spot me), so I was looking at other guys, too.

I like watching them doing different exercises when I do not need to change my head position – like pushing my legs to the sides on the training apparatus to build up my butt muscles. Or on top of a treadmill. A horizontal bar is the least suitable thing for that purpose. But as treadmills do not allow me to see everyone, located in other rooms, I change the apparatus from time to time.

I look as their muscles are pumped up with each contraction, as men are inhaling and exhaling. Their entire body is tensing to complete the exercise. And I get shivers in my groins and warmth in my crotch to see they are sweating (but I usually don’t like to inhale the sweat that’s around – yet, it’s inevitable in such a place).

Oh, I forgot to tell you – when I am in the shower of the locker room (it is a closed one), I masturbate with a dildo that I often carry in my bag. Or, if I don’t feel well enough to do it in the shower room right there, I get home on my car and I masturbate in the car (pretty often, so I wear a free-cut skirt for that) and in the shower of my apartment (most often). Thank god, it is located only 5 minutes driving from the gym I visit.

Oh, shoot – I forgot to tell you one more thing, an essential one. I shove items inside of my pussy before going to the gum. What kind of objects? Usually, these are two or three interconnected metallic balls of 3 cm in diameter. Sometimes, it is a convenient short dildo that is completely shoved inside of a pussy and I can pull it out with a string that’s hanging on it. Needless to say, I have to figure out what to do with those objects inside of me when I masturbate in a shower or car. Sometimes, I take them out. Sometimes, not. More often not than yes, actually. It gives me especial excitation and I know I always can get them out of there – thanks to connected strings. Now I always connect extra strings to them, elongated ones – as I had a case when I forgot an item inside of me (it was a couple of years ago). Then, I couldn’t take it out of me for more than a day and had to resort to the assistance of medical personnel in a hospital. I remember their fucking smiling faces, who laughed at me, and so I swore to myself I would not lose anything inside of my pussy again. And it has never happened for all the years I am working as Katalog escort agency lady.

When back to my apartment, I strip almost immediately after I get there after a gym, which gives me the feeling of complete freedom and excites me even more. I go to the shower, where my playful fingers touch my vagina, clitoris, and roam on the tits, squeezing nipples in a way as no man actually does correctly (even the most sensual and gentle lover doesn’t know when and how to touch and squeeze them, just to be honest). And I don’t want gentleness in these moments – I want to be fucked extra hard. I hurt myself to cause a sweet feeling of arousal, to make my orgasm bright as a candy. When I cum, sometimes I shoot with a liquid from my pussy – I know it is called a women’s orgasm.

Tomorrow, I will also come to the gym because I’ve heard the guy I liked to watch at, will be there, too.


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When I was younger, several years before I joined Ankara cheap escort agency, I was in college and I had a boyfriend named Rico. He was a sweet guy, 2 years older than me. As we both lived in Turkey (I came to study here from my native country and he was a local fellow), it is no wonder that soon, with our hot bodies and temper, in about a year of dating, we were out of places to have sex that we haven’t tried before.

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When she came to me, she was looking exactly as on the screen of my monitor of the Ankara escorts cheap catalog: she was a luxurious woman! I asked her to wear an evening dress, have suitable makeup, and wear high heels – she did exactly what I asked her to. Her dress was all filled with silver shivers, glittering to all sides with its artificial pastiche yet appealing for an eye, creating just an exact degree of posh. In her charming slender arm, she held a small purse completely fitting the dress. The same silver yet not sparkling footwear was a complementary finishing touch to her entire image. I loved the way she looked tonight.