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When she came to me, she was looking exactly as on the screen of my monitor of the Ankara escorts cheap catalog: she was a luxurious woman! I asked her to wear an evening dress, have suitable makeup, and wear high heels – she did exactly what I asked her to. Her dress was all filled with silver shivers, glittering to all sides with its artificial pastiche yet appealing for an eye, creating just an exact degree of posh. In her charming slender arm, she held a small purse completely fitting the dress. The same silver yet not sparkling footwear was a complementary finishing touch to her entire image. I loved the way she looked tonight.

As I am not a poor man at all, I have two safes with money in my huge apartment. In one of them, I have over 600,000 American dollars – and I had a sudden impulse of what I’d like to do with that Ukrainian escort blond in my bed: to shower her with money from top to bottom.

I told her to get undressed and get prepared (like visiting shower and stuff) while I am in another room unpacking the stacks of dollar packs. In five minutes, with all these dollars in a bag, I came to the room with a girl and saw her standing in red underwear of extremely appealing look (lacy bra that hid breast only at the half and small thongs that completely opened her buttocks and insignificantly covered her appealing pubis and labia). I brought all these dollars out of a bag with both my hands and started throwing them at her, making rain. At first, she stunned but then I briefly explained I will shower her (surely, all this money is still mine, not hers) – just to make her literally swim in luxuriousness. That seemed to arouse her so hugely. That aroused me, too.

I placed bucks to our bed while she was just taking the money out of the bag and throwing them up in the air, laughing with the most sparkling laughter I’ve ever heard in any girl or woman. To be freer, obviously, she took off her bra, now only being in small panties, which were as if two light interconnected strings and allowed me watching her arousing tanned body with breasts of the 4th size, uncovered. Ukrainian escort gal had vivid invigoration because of all that sum of money in her hands and all over her. She was showering herself with money and I was like hypnotized when I was watching her doing that. I never thought that I would have so much horniness inside of me by only just watching a naked girl throwing packs of my dollars up in the air, and as they land on her shoulders, white hair, legs she was sitting on, and, surely, on her large breast.

I invited her to the bed, which she immediately agreed by jumping on it – straight on the thick layer of money that I have put there. She did not take her panties off – but that wasn’t really necessary – as she simply pulled them a little to the side to sit on my dick. I was erect like Eiffel Tower, thick as the French baguette, and completely ready to have her on top of me. She was jumping at my dick like a crazy horse, which was trying to overthrow her rider. Although, this rider was me and I was under her. All this money was soughing and rustling under our jumping bodies (which mostly did up-and-down), and I felt as the paper is getting into thick contact with my nude skin, rubbing it a bit less gently as I expected it would be. A girl on me seemed to have a fire inside of her groins, as she inflamed so much that her jumping was super energetic – sometimes, she even took off my dick (20 cm in length) and then sat back on it – the amplitude of her jumping totally mesmerized me.

From all this jumping, I wanted to go to fucking her being on top. I told her to roll over and I started to peck her love opening fiercely. She was roaming her hands on the bed, grabbing and squeezing dollar bills scattered all over the place. She took bills handful and conducted them on her face as if sniffing and enjoying their proximity to the max. Suddenly, I felt the squeezing of her vagina muscles around my dick and an Ankara escorts cheap girl started to twitch as if in a seizure – I didn’t understand at first but then I realized that a girl was simply having an orgasm. From that idea, I trebled my efforts and cummed inside of her cunt separated from my dick with a thin film of a condom, in several seconds.


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This meeting with an Ankara best escort lover was one of the most saturated in my life: she completely did not deny anything I offered her. Her ass and cunt holes were super elastic – more than I’ve ever seen in any other chicks for fucking whom I used to peck. I don’t remember now the name of this escort lady Ankara but that, obviously, does not matter. But I do remember how we had fun with her and I’m going to tell you all.

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Men of Ankara know how to have fun. A girl named Abigail from the bahcesehir bayan escort agency has been called for a few interesting orders to learn it is true. This story is about one of her kadikoy yasli escort adventures, which include the sexual use of her erotic body.