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Hello there, my Halloween readers! I am Whitley and this story happened to me just a few days ago – on this Halloween. Grace escort girls become more popular on various holidays. In an English-speaking world, Halloween is one of such tremendously popular days (young progressive Turks consider this holiday a large one as well because they strive to be more pro-Western). So I was one of the two outcall girls who were supposed to come to the address of one of the private houses at 6 o’clock on Halloween night. Another girl is named Austyn. She also has told one or two stories for our story page (if I’m not mistaken).

She was dressed as a female Dracula and I was a female Darth Vader. I don’t know how it coincided that we both took male characters and turned them into female ones. But that doesn’t matter for our story of a geisha spanking agency. The interesting part started when we arrived at the place. Guys loved our costumes and said they are planning to add something extra “to make our images full, as they should”. Saying that, they winked to one another and took 10-cm long things out of their pockets. The things turned out to be remotely controlled vibrators, which fixed inside the vagina and a user or another person could control them from a remote controller. The latter was presented in two instances: a physical remote with a few buttons and a mobile app, which they showed us. The app was super simple: turn it on and control the strength of vibration by tapping the scale and moving it with a finger.

We went to the bathroom and attached the applications inside. We also took a picture of the things in there (as the guys asked us to) and, upon exiting the toilet, showed them the pics. These were some of the girl hot photos in Ankara, which we might show you sometime. The guys just wanted to be sure we have the things inserted. We didn’t mind proving it to them.

By the way: if you have seen in movies or some other videos that these vibrators that are completely inserted in the vagina make some noisy sound when they work – you’ve seen it wrong. They are super silent and nobody actually finds out they’re inside of you unless you specifically tell them you have.

The task was the following: to walk down the streets along with the guys and collect treats from various houses (at least, from those, which wanted to take part in the Halloween tradition). But what was tricky – the guys would randomly turn on and off the vibrators using their mobile apps, as well as they’d regulate the power of the vibration out of the blue. They really wanted to see the reaction of us, girls – especially in those moments when we would speak to residents about the candies or collect them in our bags.

The reaction to the buzzing inside the pussy is not movie-like for me (sorry for bringing it to you, readers). Feeling it turned on from the lowest to the highest for me was like something started moving inside of me fast – but it didn’t make me roll my eyes, wiggle, or fall off my legs because of the incapability of standing or walking straight. It’s like inserting two fingers in a girl’s pussy and moving them inside while she’s walking – nothing really tremendous happens.

For my partner, it was harsher (or she was pretending it really well).

But, hey, I didn’t want to disappoint the guys (who were obviously hoping for some more significant reaction from my side), so I played the game. When I felt the buzzing increase, I started showing it was really exciting and unexpected. I wiggled and showed enhanced feelings. And that made the game continue for two hours, during which guys were either with us side by side or following us on the streets in some distance, playing with the vibrating dildo toys and having fun seeing our reactions. I asked Austyn about her feelings and she told me it was really tangible for her. So, was it me? Probably. Or was my toy working not in such high energy as Austyn’s? That’s also probable.

Finally, when our route was fully over, we agreed with Austyn to bring our guys to some dark place. And, stopping them by a bricked wall, we lowered their pants and took their penises into our mouth synchronously… When we got out of the ‘dark place’, their faces were illuminated with happiness.


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The guys were bored at a party. It was one of many parties that they have visited in their life and, over the years, the percentage of parties they liked in the mass of all parties they visited was declining. It inevitably happens when you’re a dude with a ton of free time, nearly unlimited money because your parents are super rich, and shower you with an endless bank account. Naturally, the guys wanted to have more fun in their idle lives.

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I work as Ankara escort lady and this is my story of arousal. I know – somebody tells stories of their lives or of their dramas but I do not have a fancy story of any of these, as well as my life is pretty deprived of drama. But I do become super horny when I look at muscled perfect bodies of young men (of around 20-30 years old). And although I sleep with everyone who desires my young fabulous body due to my profession, I don’t tell I become horny with every my client. So to compensate it, I go to gyms and work out there looking as men do the same.