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VIP escorts in Ankara gal with a nice curvature wants to become your lady – only waits for ya call

It was a branch of VIP escorts in Ankara service, a massage salon. But that was beyond just massage – you have to understand that escort comes with special benefits for clients. Everyone who comes to our salon is sweetly served until the happy ending (a man’s sperm is shot either in the air or on the body of some girl – her ass, belly, breast, or face – pick any).

I greeted him at the entrance to my massage studio – I managed this branch (and I also was doing massages if I wanted to or if all my girls were busy). He was a tall young man with a lush moustache but without a beard (thank god, it was not one of these creepy bearded hipsters, who are all hairy on their beards and somehow think it is attractive). He was wearing a hat – a very seldom accessory today – and that’s why I remembered him.

I offered him to refresh in the shower (but that’s optional in our massage salon) and when he did, he exited from it with a naked body – a very muscled body like of Apollo. I even envied to his girlfriend or wife (if he had one) – such a perfect-looking he was. There are some clients, which one wants to serve for free – just because of taming own lustful feelings. But business is business 😉 and I am in it for too long to fall to emotions.

I invited him to lay down on the massage table. I was watching his muscled back and buttocks with so firm muscles, perfectly masculine – that made my nipples to harden. Suddenly, I noticed I was aroused by his look and his smell. In what an interesting time we live – if I can still get aroused! I offered him a glass of wine or something stronger but he refused.

There is massage oil on my hands and I am ready to start. I usually use the refined coconut oil – it goes without scent at all, and it is perfectly absorbed by the skin after regular (and especially, after extensive) massage. This is a precaution measure – if some our guest doesn’t want to have any unwanted aroma on his body (which is detected by his woman), he doesn’t have to tell us not to use one – we already do. So, in addition to being a pleasant visit, visit to us is also a safe one.

I started rubbing his skin with slightly warmed-up oil (from the heat of my palms) – his belly and chest were first (he was lying face to me). I was going up to his shoulders and neck, feeling excited because I am touching such Apollo. My hardened nipples were immediately visible from the thin cloth of my lacy brown bra, which I wore.

When I was going down to his legs, I’ve decided to take my bra off, releasing so hardened nipples that I could, as if, cut glass with them. I saw his cock was rising bit by bit, pulsing with an inflow of fresh blood each time as if dancing under music only he heard. It was funny and it was exciting at the same time for me.

I could not wait any longer and so I took off all of my clothes (which I usually don’t do, only revealing my tits), and, pulling panties off, mounted myself on top of him, right on this table. I took his penis into my hands to make it immediately hardened, like steel. I know some men are able to arouse that fast but I only saw it once before this guy. I felt his iron in my hands and not only my nipples gave me another portion of hardening but also my pussy started to feel wet – it is the right sign that I immediately wanna fuck. Which I did.

So, I started rubbing his cock with my hands, taking his balls into palms and playing with them as well. He obviously seemed to like it. Then I took a condom from the pack lying nearby (I have so many condoms in my working cabinet of escort massage Ankara) and, with fast motions, rolled it on the length of his dick entirely – just to sit on his dick with my pussy in a second or two after that. He also did not mind (I completely understand him – a guy came here for a handjob but received a total sex program for the same cost). I felt his nice length inside of me and that made me even hornier. I jumped on his dick, feeling this erect tower between my legs, which, as it seemed, reached my stomach – that long he was! I was getting so high from this Apollo that I cum without even thinking about the pleasure of my client. He was there, under me, so I simply continued rubbing him with my crotch so to make him cum, too. This nice warmth of his semen in a condom inside of me was so horny…


Girl escort Ankara serves as a plate with her naked body for participants of a closed event

The event was planned at 17-hundred hours but they told me to be there at 14 sharp. After several minutes as I got there, I realized, why. First, I had to take very rigid showers (after I went to the toilet to free myself to possible max). It’s not that I dislike taking shower with somebody (as this is a part of my profession of girl escort Ankara) but there, it was different. Some woman was with me, rubbing all my body with harsh sponge even without the slightest regret that I am so fiercely rubbed.

Masaj mutlu son Ankara mistresses wear vaginal vibrating toys, walking in the streets

Hello there, my Halloween readers! I am Whitley and this story happened to me just a few days ago – on this Halloween. Grace escort girls become more popular on various holidays. In an English-speaking world, Halloween is one of such tremendously popular days (young progressive Turks consider this holiday a large one as well because they strive to be more pro-Western). So I was one of the two outcall girls who were supposed to come to the address of one of the private houses at 6 o’clock on Halloween night. Another girl is named Austyn. She also has told one or two stories for our story page (if I’m not mistaken).