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Female escort in Ankara is walking under the rain wearing nothing – at least, she has an umbrella

My great physical shape was always a point of self-admiration. I am keeping it up by visiting a gym 3 times a week – in addition to having sex with my clients, as I am in Rus escort katalog Ankara. This, probably, was the reason why my client Abdurahmed had chosen me for this task: visiting Mt. Everest to have sex on its slopes! It definitely was one of the most sensational orders from clients that I’ve ever had. Not to mention that he booked me for 25 days – the most expensive and longest order of a girl from female escort in Ankara in my personal practice.

We had to fly from Turkey’s Ankara to Kathmandu airport, then to use a charter flight to get to Lukla local airport. The impressive view of mesmerizing slopes I was gazing at for the entire flying time is still standing in front of my eyes. From there, we took a 1-night rest in a local hotel and did the 2-days walk to Namche Bazar, the Sherpa capital of the Everest area. Before entering the mountain’s slopes, we had to acclimatize there for 2 days due to the altitude (impressive 3,440 meters above the sea level!). This is the point, where all tourists and mountaineers begin their journey. The next point of our arrival should be one of the base camps on the side of Nepal, which are located in a big number on its slopes. However, as we aren’t the ones who have the goal of getting to its top for several reasons (nobody had the needed sum of money to get to its top, nor physical and alpinist training), so we have been considering primarily the Tyengboche base camp, which’s located 3,867 meters above the sea level. The most elevated base camp (which is also known as The Base Camp), the last big stop before arriving at the summit of the mountain, is located 5,364 meters above the level of the sea (this is often also the most elevated point on the surface of our planet, which is visited by general tourists, which, as we are, do not have the intention to climb to the very top of the Mountain – also, to avoid the climbing-to-the-top license cost of 11 thousand dollars in present money value, per person). The other 4 significant camps of the temporary stop are as high as 6,100, 6,400, 6,800, and 8,000 meters.

Most people sleep in the several-people-constructed tents while in base camps but we did not have the intention to show our sex act to any prying eyes, so Abdurahmed paid extra for a private tent (smaller and located on outskirts but that didn’t matter). He also found out which are the places nearby that aren’t visited by tourists so we could be there in privacy.

Eventually, after 9 days of getting to the place, we finally were here. In the early morning, we left our tent located 3,867 meters above the sea level at Tyengboche camp and went away from the people’s trails to find a spot to be alone and protected from the eyes of possible beholders. Before leaving, we both made ourselves as clean as possible (with wet wipes, as the water was in scarcity here) – to enjoy the process, not to sniff the smells.

We were out for 2 hours before finding the place secure enough, almost completely closed from 3 sides with some sort of glass-like ice arch. Here, he kissed me and told me that having sex on the slopes of Everest has always been his biggest dream of life since he was a boy (he was 36 now).

I pulled my top clothes up to reveal my nearly show-white skin to the sun of the Mount. It wasn’t cold, ‘twas no wind and the sun was murmuring straight to my skin as if gently kissing it. Oh, wait, the kisses were actually coming from my partner – his lips were so gentle that I even confused his caresses with the sun. Only a slight touch of a cold sunny day was our partner in this act of pure lust under the open skies. My skin covered with pimples of cold but that was actually a fun feeling – gentle sun and cold were working both at the same time. It was a completely new feeling for me. Maybe, for Abdurahmed, too.

He stripped me completely, pulling clothes down to the ground, exposing my complete nudity. I was grateful for him for his gentleness and I was close to orgasm when he made me nude – because of the excitement of the place and situation. I put on the icy ground three blankets that we grabbed with us and took all the clothes off, sitting with my bare buttocks. He took his clothes off as well and I saw his hairy body, with more of all hair on the chest. He descended and entered into me with his dick, erect as little tower standing across his body. I felt its warmth and a bit of coldness inside of me and couldn’t stand but cumming immediately. When the waves of orgasm ended, I briefly explained why I was so excited and he continued to sex me behind this icy arch. It seems like he was horny, too, which made him cum right on my tummy – as he pulled his dick from my love cave in a matter of milliseconds as orgasm flushed him…

Before going back to the camp, we spent there 3 more hours, caressing bodies of one another and having more times of sex. When the break of the next day came, we went back from the camp, going back to Turkey.


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A nice and smooth cucumber is not only a vegetable. It is also a wonderful, safe, and cheap sex toy – if you pick the right one. My name is Keilani, I work in the Ankara VIP escort bayan service of Turkey from time to time, and this is a telling about how particularly good cucumbers can be for erotic games.

I liked cucumbers from a very young age. First, as veggies, next, as sex toys. They gave me my portion of happiness long before I started seeing boys. And they helped me in reaching orgasms when in the grown-up age, some of my sex partners didn’t give me the arousal level that I wanted. Some of my ayazaga escort clients also ask me to play with their anus holes with something elongated and hard at times, as this delivers them more sensations than regular sex would provide. That is the main reason I always keep several cucumbers in my fridge.

Sex girl Ankara is preparing herself for having a nice and clean anal love

Did you know how actually dirty the anal sex is? If a lady didn’t do very thorough preparations to clean up her intestines, all the shit (literally) comes out when she’s anally fucked. As I work as a sex girl Ankara but I do not belong to the cohort of those who do not give a fuck about the purity, I give a damn about what I will feel during sex and what my client will. I hope that it is one of the best points of my popularity – I never sit without employment.